i once met an angel


i once met an angel

in a devil's disguise.

i could never figure out

why he'd cover his wings

and replace them with

ice-cold shoulders

that stung at the touch, 

or why he traded his warm,

sweet, pure-as-gold smile

for a cocky, crooked smirk

known for its delicious lies.

perhaps it was to ward off the

ones who seemed impure,

the ones who were too impatient

to deserve his glorious love.

but once in a while,

when the sun shone brightly

and not a cloud was in sight,

you could just barely see his halo

rest above his rich, brown hair,

and the faint, silver outline of a

pair of wings that only heaven

could properly produce.


i once met a devil

in an angel's disguise.

and i knew why he wanted

to replace his razor-sharp sneer

with a boyish, charming laugh,

and why he avoided the sun

so as not to reveal his

blood red eyes hidden behind

brown colored contacts and

long, innocent lashes.

it was to lure the kindhearted,

the pretty, into his alluring grasp.

but there were some days

when my tongue would slip

and his inner demon came out.

he'd speak awful words and

play with my mind, knowing

just what to say to make me

crumble beneath his feet:

a skill so hellish, it made

lucifer himself glow with pride.


but angels and devils don't live

on earth, and disguises are

much harder to see past. 

and now i know of a boy

who has stolen my heart,

who's a sinner and a saint,

and i've yet to figure out

what is his face and

what is the mask

made out of paint.


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