I Needed Your Help

After all the years of waiting for your help, 

I realized that you weren't behind me. 

And it hurt so bad at the time, 

it still hurts a little now. 


Telling them to get back to work. 

Was that the best you could do? 

I needed more help than that. 


There were so many of them, 

so many oppressors, tormentors, and intimidators. 


There were so many of them, 

so many names, insults, and belittling comments. 


All I wanted was for it to quit. 

And I thought you could do it. 

All you did was ignore it. 


I know that you, 

just like everyone else, 

could see the pain I was feeling 

slowly accumulating across my arms and legs. 


With no friends to turn to, 

you, my teachers, were all that I had 

And I needed you to help me, 

maybe stand up for me, 

because I sure as hell couldn't help myself. 


Guide that inspired this poem: 



Beautiful! And so true....you're not alone.


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