I needed it.

I needed it.

A search for help

comes too late,

to those who wait.

Not a cry or yelp

will be of use.


I waited too long

I missed the deadline.

I sing my song

of emptiness,

of sadness, of remorse.


I  needed it. 

I needed just that boost to get me off the ground,

to send me where I'm going, safe and sound.

I needed your help, your assistance.

But I just didn't make it in this instance.


Man, I needed it.

It's hard when you struggle,

when you worry "Will I make it?"

The emptiness of your pocket, nagging at you.

WILL you make it?


God, I needed it.

You reach out to people, to places,

to higher beings, and empty faces.

"Please, I promise you I'll make something of myself!"

But will I? 

Whose to say if I do get what I need, I won't let my intelligence sit on a shelf?


Heavy books, sleepless nights.

All in vain, because I won't make it.

Not alone. 

My crooked spine from my backpacks burden, 

My calloused fingers from the pencil between them.

My tired eyes, and my fatigue from all those nights of study.


They all mean nothing.

A poor family kills opportunity.

It kills potential.

It kills dreams.

Just a little help goes a long way.

Man, I need it...


This poem is about: 
My family



I love this poem, it is very well-written. I commend you on this, I like your style. And sorry about the deadline...that I, too, missed...

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