I Need You

Fri, 01/29/2016 - 15:31 -- isahern

Desolation and isolation are killing me

No laughing, no playing

Sitting on my own for the rest of eternity, without you by my side

We are bound together, what's mine is yours

Every second of every day, I am with you

For years, we have been side-by-side

So, my dear brother, how can I live without you?

For years I have leaned on you, and you supported me the whole way

Even though I am the elder, I depend on you for my survival

I am more mature, yet I look to you for wisdom

Here, burning on the sands of lonliness, I realize that you are my life

I can give everything up, and yet, I could not stand to spend a single second knowing that I will never see you again

I am supposed to be strong and independent, but how can I?

When you are my foundation?

When you are my life?

When you are what makes me me?

When I need you?




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