I Need You


I Need You

I was talking to my boyfriend the other day

And we were doing one of those he said she said couple things you see

And during the midst of the conversation he says

Well if you’re better off alone then do you even need me

I didn’t really have an answer then

So I told him I had some thinking to do

And the answer to his question is

Yes, I do need you

I need you like a bird needs its wings

Like don’t needs do

Like a park needs swings

Or like starvation needs food

My friends tell me I act a little ODD without you

That’s because by myself I’m just one

And I need you to make two

Without you I’m like a GPS without direction

Wi-Fi without connecting

 Dots without connecting

Anger without aggression

I need you like marks need question

Like convicts need question

When we broke up I stopped using big bills to remind me

That I’m single without you

I’m the sky you’re what makes it blue

Without each other we’re nothing

But together we’re something

Without each other we’re wrong

Which is why it takes two to make a thing go right

So yeah I may not want you at times

But I do in fact need you

Like a string needs a shoe

Or like one needs two

Without you I’m less

But together we are greater than any equation

When we’re just ones were great

But together we’re amazing

I don’t care how mad you make me

Or about the stupid things you do

You complete me you’re my other half

Which is exactly why

I do need you


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