I Need to Write


I write to see the things I've never had the courage to vocalize

To expose the truth of society

I write to get my thoughts and opinions onto paper

To say what others and I are afraid to say


I write because it makes me feel alive

Writing is to my mind as what water is to my body

It's essential to write and impossible to live without my writing

The more water I drink the healthier I am

The more writing I do the healthier I am


I write to encourage 

To bond people who never thought they'd have something in common

To be the voice of the underdog and the overlooked


I write to tell that young girl that she is beautiful

To tell that guy that he is needed

To tell the love if my life that he is my backbone and our love will never end


I write to express my feelings

About God's green earth

About society

About family and friends

I write to tell a story



Need to talk?

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