I must be in the wrong class?!?



This wont help me,

I want to study audio and most of my core classes wont help me to become wealthy,

Four years of math?

I was never good, and you make me take four years of that?

So heres the facts,

Most of us lose most of our creativity because of so many mandatory courses,

 A battle against a 1st grader to solve a puzzle would be like corpses--to a machine,

You see?

Also, I hate presentations,

All these people staring at me makes me want to smash their face in,

Just kidding, well sort of,

HEY, dont call my momma!

l didnt mean to drop F-bombs like Osama,

I cant wait till i can study something i actually want to study,

A four year university better be worth all this money,

I really hope i get that letter,

P.S. teacher,

You got an ugly sweater


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