I miss you

The pain is almost unbearable.

I never excpected to love you, it just happened.

And now here I am wishing you'd just speak to me.

You flirt with everyone, but the one boy that flirts back is shunned.

From best of friends to strangers all because of one letter.

If you think I wanted this, you are far from the truth.

Now my happiest days are days that I get so much as a 'hello'

I blame myself for this, I couldn't see what I had and got greedy.

Now I'm the one paying the price.

You move on without a problem, with plenty of people to surround yourself with.

You probably barely even feel a twinge of pain.

While here I sit broken into pieces.

You may just be one person in an entire school,

but you were and still are my best friend.

Can't we just go back to the good times?

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