I miss you

It's been 8 years since you left for good
Closed your eyes forever
I don't understand why you left
you left me here alone to deal with it all
I want to cry every night
Because I know that your not there
I want you to come home
But that won't happen till I join you
I don't plan on that happining for a long time
Love holds people together
You'll never know how much I miss you
This is the goodbye
that I've alwaysed failed to accept
Well now it's time that I let you go
Even though this is goodbye
I'll never forget you
You'll always be in my heart
No matter where i go
I Love You grandpa
And I Miss You


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your grandpa will be proud of you if he heard your poem

this is very heartfelt and moving

the words you use to describe your grandfather is meaningful

continue to write poems


I don't know who you are but, thank you. You really just made my day


This is an important topic for you. You should write about details you remember of your Grandfather; the little things about him that you hold dear.


My dear poet , what a deep painful Love in death ,

Unfortunately we all know that day will come for us all 

but hold on and you will see the adventure of him or her

running around in your mind and heart whereever you go ,

I stop by your page to say I am going through it as well ,

and I love your write keep it up it will get somewhat easer 

with time . 

Jan Wienen

Precious memories will not fade ... it seems life in action ...


You should know how much this resonates with me.

I lost two of my Grandmothers not four years ago, yet the pain is still excruciating. I really appreciate this piece of art you've given. Please continue to write as you do. I may be crying, but I love everything about this poem.

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