I Met Him

Mon, 07/03/2017 - 02:06 -- SShadow

(Written June 28, 2017)

Eight months ago today, I met you. 

 Three days later, I had fallen harder for you than I had for anyone else  Four days later, I had fallen in love  But I had also realized how incompatable we were  That the important things didn't match up and we would never agree  The six weeks that followed consisted of roundabout and sporadic conversations  Trying to make something that would never work, work  You started to slowly disappear  Leaving for days  And then weeks...  At a time  I tried to cling the five to ten minutes I got to talk to you every other week  In two monhts, I lost over fifteen pounds over the lack of food because of the stress  And one day, I gave you the warning...  I would be back in about a week  I had to take a break from it all  The stress had caused me to have an axiety attack when I'd never had one, nor felt like having one in the eighteen years of my life  And when I came back?  You were gone  Eight months ago today, I met the love of my life  And six months ago, he left  And six months later, I'm still crying

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