I Meant No Disrespect

I meant no disrespect

I never did,

but I am not to be held accountable

for what you think I meant.

If I say we are allowing ourselves to be victimized

it is not as bad as you think,

becuase I am calling us to be the bigger person

and to really sit down and think.

I am not responsible for what someone said,

even if it was an attack on you and me,

or an attack on our community,

but I know I am bigger than their words.


Yes what they did was wrong,

and I am not justifying what they did,

but I am not going to allow myself to be hurt

and stuck on what they said.

I am not saying that your feelings are invalid,

or that we should move on without a word,

but address it now and let go.


I've been the victim once and am trapped

reliving moments I wish I could let go,

because when I cried out for help

and when I asked for change

nothing happened.


If I am unsurprised I am sorry

but it is a sad reality that I expect this behaviour

although I do not approve of it. 

I've seen this in the world.

So when it happened here

a place where it is supposed to be safe

maybe it should have bothered me more.


It really should have,

but look to the people we follow:

the actors we ador accused of sexual assault,

the President a mysoginistic racist,

the preist who prayed on children,

the government who still does nothing to prevent sensless violence.


So I apologize if I offended you,

I did not mean to say move on,

or let it go without consequence,

but I meant to say look at the reality

and let it go so that you're not the victim

of an endless cycle of outrage 

crying out so that nothing will change.


You have every right to be angry.

You have every right to be hurt.

You have every rigth to call things into question.

But nothing will change if you will not.



This poem is about: 
My community


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