I Make It Work

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 18:04 -- Solfire

Im not the same person I was a month ago
My heart stopped racing just for fun
I dont think I can catch the same flow
I dont want to be the one

Fell hard on a soft grain of salt
It tasted like sugar with my stomach in a knot
I dont bide to much anymore
You dont sleep if your mind is a whore

I sell my body
I make it work
I sell my soul
Until it hurts

Bleak mountains covered in your ashes
Spend buckets of gold and eat your cashes 
A salad of creed, a bundle of plead
Dont say with me, dont stay with me

I cant forget everyday, I see your face anyway
Too much like the wind when it dies 
Too much like my smile when it lies

Obliterate me and you


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