i love you

I Love you , funny how it rolls so effortlessly off the tip of our tongues right

and how No real thought has to go into saying it

I love you, simple as that

It's so easy to say that it's a cliche for most now days

Love isn't love now more like lust clouding the eyes of the lover

Love is thrown around like the kickball we all used in elementary school

I love you, at least i can say i do

and you will never know if what im saying is the truth

I love you

and isnt it funny how 

Love knows no boundaries except the ones we give

But the ones we give are in all the wrong  places

so when the love fails we can blame it on the time and we can blame it on fate

I love you, there i said it again

and you said you loved me too, but we know we both were telling lies

we are kids just trying to make things seem right in our neive little heads

I love you

and this time its for real the other times i was fooled by the "pyrite" of love

......No i dont im just infacuated by you but we can say its love for a month or too

then i will find someone new to give all my " love" too




Whoa this poem is deep. this is so awesome. keep up the good work

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