i love you

" I love you , you know that right ? Why don't you do what I say? " 

" I love you, so don't talk to that guy anymore." 

" I love you, so I know whats best, don't eat that cupcake, you don't need it." 

Each "I love you" rang in my mind. 

Each blame I recieved, each insult I heard, each overbearing rule all began with

" I love you." 

I tell myself  I'm wrong for feeling insignificant because they love me. 

Those words sparked an evil feeling in my heart, 

like when you strike a match and a full flame appears. 

Sometimes even the worst things are reversed. 

They told me I'm smart. 

They told me I can do anything I set my mind too. 

They helped me study for my test, they hmet my new guy friend from school. 

They baked cupcakes with me, they listened to my problems. 

They told me that they love me. 

I felt the match strike against the grainy side of the box, 

I felt the flame burst into existence, 

but this time it did not burn.

It was warm, it was comforting. 

Love had made sense to me now. 

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