I Lost My Self Esteem


I Lost My Self Esteem

I lost my self esteem.
I know it seems careless of me.
After all, I am sixteen.
But it's gone.
I can't seem to find it anywhere.
And believe me I've looked.
My self esteem needs some kind of GPS system.
Or The Clapper.
Or something.
It is so very lost.

Maybe it went on a hike in the mountains
And got caught in a blinding snowstorm and had to
Build one of those snow caves to conserve body heat.
And it had to ration out one little power bar and nine raisins
To last for days and days.
And it had to melt snow for water.
And it thought, "I don't want to die."

I hope it's still alive.
My self esteem.
Up there.
On the mountain.
All alone.
In the cold.

It might need one of those dramatic rescues
Where the helicopters spray powdered snow
And my self esteem gets carried out on a stretcher,
Half dead but still hanging in there.
Wouldn't it be great if my self esteem were still alive?
No one would care that it was stupid enough to get lost.
They would all just be so happy it was alive.
They would all be crying and laughing.
And during all of the rescue celebration,
My self esteem would be worried that it weighed too much
And that the people carrying the stretcher would know how fat it was.
That's my self-esteem for you.

Self esteem,
You and me, we are supposed to be tight.
If you are still alive out there
Please send up a flare.



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