As I look up


United States
33° 48' 14.0004" N, 117° 46' 21.072" W

I have cried
And feel
Like I've just died
I don't know whyyyyyy.
I hurt so bad
I get so mad
When the pain
Hits me hard
It feels like acid rain
As being stab by shard

As I look up
I cry
I stare at the stars
Because they know
Where you are
I cry so baddd
I fall on my knees
And dropp and bow
Oh wow
I only want to be forgiven now

As I walk
I fall onto the ground
I hurt so bad
Your there to make things turn around
I hurt inside
It feels like I've died
My pain
On whyyyy
It feels like I've being hit with acid rain
This sorrow
It can't be borrowed

As I cry
I look up
And watch my tears fall
All my pain
It starts to rain
The rain hurt so bad
It feels like acid rain

Why oh why
Did I ever make you cry
How now
I wish I just died
This pain is too much
But you give me hope and strength
To endure it all
I fall
But I know you wil be my all
My friend
Until the end

I wish I could be saved
Oh please
Oh please please please
Please save me oh my angel
My hero
I know that I've hurt you so much
I can't be enough
I've fallen
Down so bad I can't be found
I wish
My only regret
Was hurting you
And now I feel like
All I can do
Is leave you
But I don't want to leave you
Oh why
Why why why did I ever hurt you
And how I look up to you

As I look up
I ask
As I bow
And ask
If you may
If you could
If I could ever be forgiven
For what I've done now.....


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