I Live


Death is not to be feared

It’s the way you go that should be feared

I don’t fear death

I don’t take things for granted,

I live life to the fullest

Henceforth when it’s time to go, I go


 At my young age, I leave behind a legacy

Something that I’ll be marveled at for

People will know I was here

I don’t fear death, it fears me

If I die young then I know

Death was too envious of my legacy


If I die old, I still don’t fear death


Because I know

I would have reached my limit

I suppress my fears to be fearless

For the fearless have no vulnerability


I look at death

It looks back at me, and walks away

Not because it’s not my time

But because I intimidate death


I’m serious

I laugh only when necessary

Matter of fact, I laugh at death


When I fear something/someone

It open up my mind to distractions

I’m head on with no time for distractions

I have goals and’

I’ll be damned

If something gets in my way


My life is just temporary

No one lives forever

People die daily

Death is only sad

When you don’t achieve

What you set out for yourself


If you lock me in a cage with death

Pray for death

I don’t cower, I endure and I conquer


I live.

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