I learned to use my claws (and I wish I hadn't)


I am a lion

Raised in a circus,

Taught to jump through hoops

From the day I was born.


I was locked in a cage,

And told to preform,

And was snapped at with whips,

When I failed their tricks.


Then one day I learned how to use my claws.

I ran arund the stage in a childish delight

Glad that I finally found part of my real self,

And was hopeful towards my future.


And then without warning,

Out of fear of what I might do,

I was released into the wild;

Expected to survive on my own.


But all I was taught was how to jump through hoops.



This is the first poem I've ever written, and I have to say that I am very nervous about uploading it. I am very open to critism, however, being an artist. So please, if you have any ideas/critiques, do tell! :)

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