I lay in bed thinking


I lay in bed thinking of life and how's it been for me.

Looking in the mirror I see the girl  I lost years ago.

The one who was carefree and joyful.

The one who bloomed and loved.

Then I see the girl who tried to commit a mistake more than twice.

The girl who tried to ensure it will all end in just a minute.

I finally get to see the girl growing up.

She has the little one so close to her as if she doesn't want to let her go.

So long has passed since the little one was gone.

And all the grown girl wants is to recover time.

But how can she?

Her life has been a battle since the day she was Born.

Being left alone was not my choice...

God gave me chances and I didn't let them shine.

As I lay in bed, I keep thinking of my life and how's it been for me.


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