I know better

They say love is easy but I know better

I say love is hard and hurts because your heartsrings are tethered

To someone else and as they move you follow

but the pain when they rip out your heart is hard to swallow

The only way to be set free is to show them your love

Their rejection untethers you. sets you free like a dove

But you don't want that becasue if you're tethered there's still a chance

You can still satisfy that burn in your pants that acing in your heart

Becasue if the two of you are tethered then you can never ever grow apart

Becasue if the two of us are tethered, I don't have to face reality

That you don't love me.

That you've moved on 

You've found another guy to fill your dreams 

And my dreams are filled with what could be





What could've been

This started out as a poem for the reader but now it's about me

It's about what I feel for Chia and Snowflake

It's about why love is ppainful but I know better

It's about why I'm scared to show my love to another.

This poem is about: 



This is a poem about me

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