I Just Realized I Loved You


United States

Middle school was all fun and easy

Our friendship began because you dated my best friend

We grew closer and you became my best friend

In highschool you became an athlete and I addicted to school

You invited me to all your football and baseball games

We would eat after, and you always insisted on paying

We grew and I began to like you

I denyed that and wouldn't let it be

Until I couldn't any longer

I told you how I felt and the simple "ok" made me regret everything


You were the only one that ever truly understood all aspects of my life

Looking back now I see,

The way we messed around made me love you like a brother

The way you listened made me love you like a brother

The way we would talk after months of not seeing eachother

I was always happy to be with you, and now I know

It didnt make me happy because I loved you as a brother

It all made me happy... because I was in love with you


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