I just keep calling you...

My boyfriend....
I just keep calling you my boyfriend
It's clear that something as such is unfathomable but
The way we are set up makes me think otherwise yet
I can't seem to rewire my brain to believe you're not

My babe....
I just keep calling you bae
And in the best efforts I try to control myself however
It still seems to slip out my mouth too comfortably and
It never comes to your mind to say "Hey, I'm not your man"

How did I get myself here?
What is keeping me here?
All I see is a woman trying to hold on to a man, one that's not even trying to be held down
A woman holding on to a far fetched promise that might just be as empty as she.

My fantasy....
I want you to be my fantasy
And as far fetch as that sounds, I'm willing to wait the storm so
Forget all the ones that claim they want me because
No one makes me feel they way you made me feel

When I could call you my...


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