I Heard

I heard you got hit by a car;
Before I could think about my revenge
A tear slipped passed my lips,
And I shut them.

I heard that you broke both your legs
And your arm,
And that you got engaged.
I'm unhappy.

The only memory of you I have,
Is the slam of my front door.
I giggled about it to all of my friends-
It was the storm door, 
That pressure locked when you tried.


Was there a slam?
My best friends-
We remembered the time we used to talk about you
About how it would look if you got smacked by something large and metal
We used to giggle about
The rebound your large body would make.
We still do, sometimes,
When we are full of our own tears,
And there are no tissues left to wipe our noses.


I heard that you got engaged.
I'm unhappy.
Does he know about you?
Or us?
If I could tell him anything, 
It would be
That tests aren't the only thing you cheat on.

I heard you'll be in a hospital bed for a year.
Will your parents take care of you?
I used to do that.
Will he?
I heard you when you told me you loved me,
But that was three years,
And a load of atttention, 
You had already missed.

Did you tell him how many times we dated?
How many we didn't?
Did you tell him who you really are?
I heard,

You haven't.

I just wanted to say
I got engaged, too.
Last spring.
I am already married to the idea of forever
Without you.


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