I Have a Question, America

What makes you think you have the right? 

To murder innocent black men and women

To imprison immigrants like they are criminals

To steal housing from entire communities


What makes you think you have the right? 

To violate a human so horrifically 

To punish peaceful protesters 

To demolish the self-worth of women


I am angry, America. 

We are supposed to be

the land of the free

and the home of the brave. 


Our country was built on

Tyranny and slavery

And you say

Make it great again? 


It was never great. 

We had good

But it was never great

There was always injustice.







I am angry. 

I want to make things better. 

You should be making things better 

But you stand there with your power 


And do nothing. 

There are entire communities 

Dedicated to making things better

And you ignore them. 


Even worse

You prosecute them. 

You punish them for a crime they did not commit

We need to hold ourselves 



For our sins. 

For our wrongdoings. 

Because this cannot go on any longer. 


We will not 
Let this go on. 



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