I Have To Be Flawless

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 11:44 -- Casekan

I need to be flawless,

For if I am not,

I no longer wish to be here,

If I allowed myself to become, You,

Then I am no longer flawless,

But I am, I am Me,

Me, is a special word,

Only I can call myself this word,

We share a thing, or two,

We both pretend, only for You,

For You, are rude,

You do not understand Me,

You do not know Me,

Therefore, You, are not allowed to judge Me,

I have many traits,

In which I love,

I love that I am Me,

And I do not need You,

To tell Me any different,

You do not matter to my one and only, Me..


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