I guess I’ll just shower tomorrow then

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 13:02 -- brogle

I need to shower but my skin is burningI need to have the firey hot water wash away my tears But I can’t seem to unclasp the only thing keeping me from ripping my own body apartI need to wash the lies of I’m fine out of my hair and the lies out of my mouth I need to beat this dysphoria the same ways it’s beating mebut like you’ve said before “I wouldn’t hurt a fly” so how could I beat this. I can’t breathe and as I reach to turn the tap on my hands shake and tears fall from my eyesI guess I’ll give up. I surrender The big sweater is on and so are the sweatpantsI guess I’ll let the beast swallow me wholeAt least then the war is over with myself 

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I love this so much. Dysphoric days are so so hard and this tells why beautifly

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