I gave everything

She had galaxies
In her eyes
And her tears
Were falling stars

I lost that girl
not in a way that it all ends
but where it totally changed
I still love her more then the best friend we have to be
is it my fault
is it me
I lost the last bit of hope in finding someone,
to live with forever
I cant love her like that
it is forbidden
I gave my life to her
she didnt kill me
but someone else did,
her mother
took that love away
that girl love me
I love her
whats wrong with that
I was always there for her
even in my worst times
I was still there
what is wrong with me
am I that bad
did I fuck up that bad when I was ten
thats when I fucked up
but I am still held back 7 years later
I gave everything
I know that I am better than every other,
woman or man
I am the best for her
I became better
lost so many things
so I can have her
I gave everything
I dont know what to do now
do I give up?
thats an option.
should I go,
an option too.
I fucked this up before I even met her
isnt that like discrimination or something
wouldnt that be illegal or something
if not it should be
I have nothing now.
I just need some love
something to help me live again
I was alive for a year, 
but I am dying again
what can I do
I gave everything
for her
for our love
was I wrong
to ever fall in love like this
to smile again
I hurt now
because I know we will never be anything
I gave everything
and its all gone 

This poem is about: 
My family


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