No,I can not hold me to what a day it was love
a what now nothing is
If you did go
I do not know when they go
There is no waiting well no longer worth
No,I don't want to love you
just know that your love stay a little bit
what hurts me is not that I love you
If I for you so much I cried of love
I don't want you in my life anymore
only know that what most hurts
Is that I miss you.
-Jonatan Vega

You suddenly you left,if I so much loved you,
I looked for you so much I waited for you,
you were everything
I said theres nobody like you and you were the last person who I thought
And I thought love as so often deceived me,
I believed in you,and I forgot that you were human

Why did you go?
I am not someone that throws away
neither I'm a broken heart
a mannequin of sex without looking inside
neither I'm what you think what you believe
And listen to me if one day you're happy
forget about me
The advice is to not hurt a heart of happiness
who looks shine in your light as I did.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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