I Forgot my Watch


Fairview High School
06289 U.S. Highway 127 Sherwood, OH 43556
United States
35° 15' 57.0672" N, 116° 4' 30.0792" W

I forgot my watch today,

I tried to draw it on,

My hands didn't move,

and now the time is gone,


I still insist on playing with my wrist,

despite its obvious absence,

the emptiness has left me void,

And I've been lost ever since,


Floating down the flowless river,

like a blue silk ribbon twisting in the breeze,

Down to the ground it reaches,

Plummeting towards all infinities,


Lost within the void of worlds and stars,

The cosmic clock still is ticking,

And I forgot my watch,


Indented, accompanied by a band of pale skin,

I see the metal links within my bones,

The constant one second tapping vibrates my arm,

The clock towers of my fingers, their bells still groan,


My eyes still see no movement of circumscribing motion,

about the three hands of which, I only have two,


A brilliant idea came to mind,

I have to scratch it out,

Through all this flesh and blood,

Down to my calloused skeleton,

I'll dig it out,


Following the calligraphy pattern I inked before,

the blood starts seeping out over the dotted lines,

Soft and pliable, wonderfully, stretchy and pink,

off came the slabs of meat,


With wild ravenous hunger my fingers were shovels,

Delight gestured its maddening hand on my face,

The ticking quickened,

It became louder!


To my jubilant laughter and joy,

I forgot my watch today,

and now there's a hole in my wrist,

right down to the bone,

And I licked it cleanly white,


In its place a corpse stood,

Stripped bare and nakedly defiled,

the emptiness has left me void since


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