I Forgive You Father

Dear Father,

You were there for my birth

At least I think you were

But that’s about it

You saw me growing up

But I would rarely see you

I never saw you at school performances

I never saw you in the afternoon

I only saw you in the form of money

As time passed as it always does

You only strayed further from my life

I grew older

I understood more

But I still needed you

I saw my mother crying

She fell into depression

I understood more

But did not understand this

Time passed once again

I grew older

I understood enough

Why was she crying?

It was you

Why didn’t I see you?

It was her

During those school performances

During those afternoons I never saw you

You were with her

Not only with her

But with her kids

They saw you in the in the afternoon

They saw you at their school performances

We were your so called family

But you were only there for them

You broke my mother

The strongest person I knew

You broke me

Was it something I did?

Were we not enough?

Apparently not

You were there for my birth

You were there for our wallet

But nothing else

As time continues to pass

I continue to grow

I continue to need you

I continue to learn

I learned to forgive

And father I want you to know I forgive you

I forgive you for all you did

I forgive you for all you did not do

I forgive you for all those school performances you missed

All I ask is to see you more

I just want you to be more than our wallet

I love you father despite all you did

Despite all you missed

I forgive you


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My family
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