I Forget

I forget the time that's passed, ironically I even forget what your face looked like as I remember our moments together. Most days it's as if you never existed. As if one tear never fell from my eye for you. Then my heart weakens and my eyes water but no tears fall. I forget to cry. Rage and fury form inside of me for myself, am I some kind of monster? Who forgets to show sadness when they're sad? Who forgets to cry when their eyes water? Then I try to think of the times we had that weren't so pleasant, and I pause. Am I a monser? Who tries to think of the bad times when they miss someone? And why is no one answering me? I'm alone. Is that what it's come to? I'm angry when people are with me and confused and angry when I'm alone. I guess Im just stuck somewhere in the stage where I don't want people with me because I'm afraid they'll leave me too. I don't really know I'm still trying to figure that one out. All I know is that, I forget how much time has passed and I can barely remember your face. But I do remember that right before you left me forever you told me, "Always remember, your daddy loves you."

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