I Find it AWESOME That One Day I Will Be The Greatest

17 year old African American teenage girl living in the hood

One  day I will the become the greatest

The greatest at what?

The greatest at being ME.



I go through struggles everday just as every other person

That doesn't stop me from being the greatest

Sometimes I struggle in school, I have no shame in that

Still going to be the greatest



To be honest I believe there is something special about me

It took years to have such a high self-confiedence for myself

I am the greatest

And as I get older I grow more and more as a person


Some kids my age or younger struggle with self-confidence and or trying to become better people 

Life will be AWESOME for these kids


Because theya re going to have ME as their friend, mentor, and social worker.

The future is looking bright



I will become the greatest. I have too....

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