I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


You know what makes me tick?
The logic behind people's choices. 
Your son raped someone but you believe he did nothing wrong just because he is saved by God. 
Well yeah she didn't say no, but she didn't say yes. You didn't get consent from her or from him to continue the act. 
I'm also tired of how men see women. 
So a woman's place is in the kitchen, right?
Remember, that's where the knives are. 
Oh by the way, being loud doesn't get your point across. 
Pull your pants, pull your shirt down, and grow up. Stay in school. 
I mean it's not hard to do. 
Why do people make it seem so hard. Acting bad and hard. 
Our society is screwed up. Everything messes with people's heads. 
Be responsible for what you say and do, because it will come back to bite you. 
Don't fall into the statistics for your race. Don't be narrow minded, give it some space to grow and form new ideas. 
And don't be afraid of learning something new. I'm still learning and so are you. 



I REALLY like the meaning of your piece, the way you didn't hold anything back when you wrote. You said exactly what you thought in this and I really respect that. I agree with the points that you made exactly and respect you for putting it out there.

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