I Don't Want To Go Home

Once upon a time

A story reborn again and again

Stood a girl whose heart was empty

And eyes full of unshed tears

Her arms open to the darkness

And voice that could only cry out the words

“I don't want to go home.”

She reached and reached

Yet continued to cry until she fell with those words on her lips

“I don't want to go home."

“I don't want to go home.”


Suddenly she was awaken

There above her stood a boy

A boy no older than her

With a grin that could only match his shadow

Eyes that told amazing stories

Stories that told of freedom

These eyes are what led her to the window sill

Those stories are what made her say the words

“I believe I don't want to go home.”

And his smile is what made her jump

But instead of flying she was falling

Deeper and deeper into the dark abyss

Swallowing her whole

She watched the boy with his shadow disappear

The words echoing in the distance

“I believe I don't want to go home.”


Time seemed to stop

Everything just stopped

Her mind even her heart

Then a scream crawled out of her

Two glowing cat eyes appeared

Then a slow wicked grin

It's expression held questions

It held promises

Finally, it opened its mouth

“Who are you?”

Her heart pounded against her chest

“Why are you here?”

Her palms began to sweat

“You shouldn't be here.”

Her mind was in scrambles, and then

“I don't want to go home.”

“Then what's stopping you.”

She just repeated her words again and again

“I don't want to go home.”


A flash streaked through the sky

Her eyes watered

Her breath hitched

And then the silence was filled

Trees shuffled, birds sang

And whistling filled the air

Opening her eyes she saw gold

She was on a yellow brick road


Time speed up as she walked

The breeze picked up

The trees swayed

Back and forth, back and forth

Almost like a lullaby

Until she heard a howl

Fear began to roll in like the oncoming storm

She picked up her pace

Her eyes searching the area

And arms holding herself as if to protect her

A crack rang through the air

Time froze

The breeze stilled

Her heart stopped

There behind her was a wolf

A wolf with a nasty breath

Its eyes full of arrogance

And a grin of only a successful hunter

“Where are you off to?”

She turned to flee but was pushed back

“Oh no no don't leave.” He growled

“Please leave me alone.”

“Now why would I, little human?”

She shook in fear and coward away

This wolf holding her past in his paws

He taunted and taunted

She cried and cried

“I don't want to be here.”

“I thought you didn't want to go home.”

Fear turned to rage

“I don't want to be here!”

Her body thrumming with power

Her bones shaking in anger

Her heart wanting blood

She yelled and screamed at him

He fell and whined

Becoming smaller and smaller

Then in its place stood a puppy

The puppy’s eyes said it all

“I don't want to be here.”


The storm passed, and now the sun was saying goodbye

The crickets chirping, frogs croaking

And the girl walking with exhaustion on her shoulders

Every event wiped her energy clean off

In its place stood a lonely girl left with her thoughts

Very dangerous thoughts

But one was good

She defeated the wolf

Pride swelled within her

Pushing her to continue

Until she fell to a stop

In front of her was a house

So inviting, so beautiful

And so lonely just like her

She went into the home

Warmth soaking into her and fragrance wrapping around her

She crept in calling out

There was no answer

She appeared in a bedroom

Her tired feet had led her there

Her body dragging her to the bed

And her mind shut off

Slowly she drifted away with one thought

“I don’t feel alone anymore.”


A growl sliced through the air

She jumped up from the bed

Three bears loomed over her

A big bear, a small bear, and a baby bear

“What are you doing in my home?”

The girl stuttered an apology

This house was not alone

Three bears owned the home

She was the intruder

She had broken in

She was the lie

She did not belong

She was not home

This was not her family

Yet she felt the same as if it was

She felt as though she did not belong

“I don't want to go home”

The big bears' eyes softened

The small bear smiled gently

And the baby bear giggled

“This is your home now.”

Their soft arms welcomed her

They cared for her

They hugged her

They loved her

They welcomed her as if she was always there

Her heart swelled

She was no longer alone

She had a family

But this was not her only family

She had a family before this

Who also love her


She leaves the bears with a goodbye

Continuing her journey on the yellow brick road

Her journey is long

Her story is being told

Her heart is healing

She is no longer afraid

She is no longer alone

She is no longer trapped

She is free

She is who ever she wants to be

She is courageous

She is loved

She is special

She gets a wish

A second chance

Which only Oz can grant

And there he appeared

His eyes held wisdom

His smile held warmth

He was a fairytale

And he only grants one wish

A wish he has given to her

“What do you desire?”

Her heart beat faster and faster

Her hands shaking with anticipation

Her mind flowing with wishes

But it stops on one

Only one

Her fairytale ending

“I believe I want to go home”


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