I dont want to Beleive

Look what he did to me
Im here crying like im dying.
No i dont want to believe you left me behind.

The memories that i once had was awhile back
when you were there and cared were i was at.

Now i sit here as ages go by i wonder why did you
leave my sight.

i didnt want to believe what i seen
and herd. But now 18 yrs passed by
and all i can think is why me?

Why did you cause this pain in my heart to
hurt.I dont want to believe you left me behind.
But i have to face the truth and leave the past behind
Almost 18 yrs passed and not once did i get to say
"dad goodnight".or hear the words from a father
"i love you daughter goodnight"

It hurts yes it does,
but i have to move on because the more i dont want to believe
the more im holding myself back.


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