I Don't Need Much

Mon, 01/18/2016 - 20:58 -- Bordley

I care little for luxuries.

Material things like clothing, electronics, and jewelry mean nothing to me.

I don't listen to society.

Media has no influence on who I am or what I do.

I shy away from extravagance,

Opting instead to focus on the simpler beauties of life.


I don't need much.

There is but one thing that I cannot live without.




I don't need much.

But without a purpose, I have no reason to live.


I don't need much.

Just a drive, a reason, a passion.

I have many passions

And numerous reasons for me to be alive.

I can't possibly name them all,

but a few are my love for my family and friends, my curiosity and thirst for knowledge, my passion for music, m-




Maybe I need more than I think I do.

I need a purpose, but that word encompasses a great deal more than I thought.

Perhaps I really do need much.

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