I Don't Mind

Sitting in class
where everyone ignores me.
I don't mind though,
because they're all better off.

The girl behind me
kicks my chair
pokes me in the back
and shove the row's homework in my face.
The teacher doesn't even know my first name,
neither does half the class.
I don't mind though,
because I know I'm a loser.

The kids whisper pointless drama
about who screwed whom
and who wore what.
The thing that happened in fifth period yesterday
and the newest drug out there.
I don't mind though,
because I'm not a part of it.

Nobody speaks to me.
I'm the freak.
The teacher doesn't acknowledge me.
They forget to pass me a paper.
I don't mind though,
because being invisible
is a whole hell of a lot better
than being spoken to.


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