I Don't Know How To Say This

Dear Friend,

I’m not really sure how to tell you this
I have started hoping that maybe we end up more than just friends
but I really care for you

You really are great
and I love how you take an interest in what I say
it makes me feel special

You know we have a lot in common
like geeky stuff and video games and engineering
plus your incredibly intelligent

I don’t want to mess this up
and all I can think about is what you would do if you heard what my mom calls you
(Her future son-in-law)

She doesn’t know how I feel by the way
but if she did I’m sure she would let you know
hopefully she doesn’t scare you off

I keep getting told I’m overthinking this
I know they’re right
but part of me just keeps saying “what if they’re not”

I want to make the first move
I’m a nervous wreck around you though
then I wish you would make the first move

Anyways, here, have this letter
that puts my “heart on my sleeve”
and hopefully you’ll find it one day and see just how much you mean to me

Yours’s only,


(P.S. sorry there was some cheesy rhyming at the end)

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