I Don't Hide

Don't look for me, I'm not one to hide.
Though you think I'm a different person on the inside,
what you see is what is me.
Take me for who I am.
Please believe me, this is my personality.
I use nothing but clothes to hide my body.
I own no mask to keep anything away, or locked up inside.
Pull up my sleeve, strip me bare, like I said, this is me.
If you think I'm filled with grief, thats only because I may be.
You would only know if I wore the expression upfront and continuously.
Only my friends would care, notice, or bare the weight of my pain.
I do the same for them after all.
Because that is just how I am.
I don't stand behind a curtain to change.
I change within a clear cacoon, for whoever wants to, to see.
I never hide, I never flee.
I'm strong up here, I like to be free.
I do what I want, because I'm simply me.


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