I don’t know why What? (Based on the book and the movie of THUG The Hate U Give) By Allyea Harris

    I don’t know why people are very mad and sarcastic of the city that we live inI don’t why people are protesting of our neighborhood that we were killed inI don’t know why people want to fight the police officers for what they’ve done or wouldn’t doneI don’t know what? And why I don’t know why it’s chaos around everywhere? Is it because of the pain that we as U.S. Citizens had to faced?Is that the rain landed on aching pains?Is it the family members body not in vain?Is it the family torning apart because of their unthinkable un predictable brain?When it comes to a black person getting shot by whether the police or some type of gang related involved, I don’t care if it’s white, blue, green, underweighted, weighted or overweighted crowd; it never fails for everyone to get unsatisfied of gun violence making someone feel that they’re downIt never fails how a person feel uncomfortable of saying that we live in a complicated world where it shouldn’t be complicated It never fails how a person gets injured and being down 4 whatever to get somebody else of they’ve done How is it that you’re down for whatever if you’re try to go down for whenever before situation happens?Is it when someone get shot by the police or anybody else for pointing to the position real steady of: (Pow) to their test (Pow) to their chest (Pow) to their chest expanding more (Pow) lay to their restNo matter how many times a person of any age gets shot in pain, each of us cry in tears of how long will I cry?How long will I suffer?How long will I stay out of traveling places?DID I SAY TRAVELING PLACES?I say that traveling places is good for us in generalBut, it’s good for the USA nation to be supported of protesting Justice and peace for what that person does their accomplishments before being gunnedIt’s not about the persons suffering to their body in pain It’s about a person who’s living is not in vain When it comes to someone who’s life is not vain, everyone cheers for what they wanted to make society a better world for a better placeTo make a point of I don’t why it’s so complicated? Why It’s dangerous?Why Isn’t together in unity?There’s so many ways that I don’t know why of everythingBut I do know why of it’s everything?It’s to is understanding that I’m safe and cover from Jesus’s armsSo just in case why someone ask you a question about gun violence and shootings of why you don’t why of it’s everything tell them BY saying that you’re safe and cover in Jesus’s armsSo I don’t know why of what? But I do know of saving lives with more helping peopleMore lives = more helping people!!!!!    

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