Like I do


Like I do…

My eyes are finally dry.

The thoughts of you don’t hurt as they once did.

They only seem to burn worse.

I have no more tears to shed,

Though the beat of my heart still belongs to you.


You took a piece of me when you finally gave up,

Just like I expected you would.

You gave up on me,

Though you promised to never let me go.

You let me go and left me alone


At least now I know never to trust my heart again.

At least now I know never to let anyone in again.

Because it only leads to heartbreak…

It only leads to hurt.

My heart is aching,

I’m still shaking.

All because the thought of you I too much to bear.


Our gentle touches,

The intimate moments.

Burn more than the blade against my skin.

At least now I know, never to let anyone in.

Some may say that it’s stupid to be hung over a relationship.

But you were different.


I felt beautiful and confident around you.

My scars didn’t matter to you.

I was all laughs and smiles with you.

I could be myself,

And didn’t need to be anyone else.

But that soon faded,

As soon as we had dated,

It ended.


Seems like everything ends…

Seems like I’m meant to be alone.

But if there is one thing I know,

Is that nobody can or will ever love you,

The way I loved you.

Nobody will ever love you,

Like I do.





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