I didn't know ?


How was I suspose to know

I would be this strong ?

How was I  suspose to know my mom would choose crack over her kids?

How was I suspose to know my grandmother cared more about the money then us?

How was I suspose to know i would lose my brother at 14,?

How was i suspose to know the man that said he loved me,

was also the man who touched me?

How was i suspose to know i would survive it all?

The thing is I didn't Know

I didn't know my mom would get clean 7 years later


that my grandmother was blamed for my brothers death


that my uncle would be forgiving by family but yet i still had tears in my eyes

How could me, Imani be so strong and so scared of things i didn't know

but yet come out on top and stand for my rights,

How was i suspose to know that at 17 i would be still in high school

or that love could be found again

The thing is I didn't know!



Guide that inspired this poem: 



My favorite part was just writing the poem and knowing

that with everything i been through i never gave up

i stood for me


that is really inspring we have to keep our head up and keep moving forward because we dont not know what is coming up a head

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