i didn't even have to turn my head

our teeth chatter more than our tongues

but silence isn’t the enemy


it cradles me like a newborn who’s not afraid to scream for what she wants

for what she needs

a raincoat keeps out the water but lets in the wind that carved caves bursting with invisible life

we pass by and ignore it,

 a second and

third time but we are blinded by our “plans for the future” and led astray by our confidence

confidence will help you stand

then knock you to your face and run away laughing leaving you naked and dying

death isn’t the enemy


it brings us to tears making us magnets of embraces and people try to carry slivers of our pain that we tug of war back because it’s “mine and you can’t understand”

nothing understands the splinters in your souls or the bruises in your mind like nothingness

it’s the only listening ear with no bias or agenda that uses your loss to sway you to its side

the forest is my nothingness that shadows me and I blend with it as I climb the cliffs and stumps to scream or to kiss

to love is to feel

to hate is to feel

indifference is nothingness

when indifference threatens you don’t raise a gleaming sword to stay and fight or pull the trigger to make it stop

don’t even pause to put shoes on your feet before you run

flee from that which is too strong to beat

run to feel something


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