I Didn't Ask for This


I didn't ask to be different.

Didn't ask to be this way

Some people find me brillant

Others shove me away


I didn't ask to be "abnormal"

To have my mind work like it does

Sometimes I find it awful

do not torment me because


I would rather read a book

than stream youtube

Or maybe even learn to cook

Too much Twitter can make one rube


I didn't ask to be unusual

To live with my disorders

all of your insults are brutal

But I wouldn't take all the quarters

to be like you


I love the way I am

Even if you do not

The test for which you have to cram

the information I already sought


So you can keep your ignorance

and I will keep my bliss

Because I didn't ask to be like this

It is our differences that make us great

so do away with all the hate





i loved it. Uplifting and Inspirational! <3

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