I Could Be

I could be addicted to heroine,

but your love is so much brighter

I could swim around in a pool of alcohol,

but my thirst for you is so much stronger

There could be a million dollars in my pocket,

from dealing on the streets

But the only road I care about,

is the one where you and I meet


I would be crazy for cocaine,

smoking weed as I please,

I could be going out every night,

but I would rather lay in bed, with you beside of me


I should be crying most nights,

about the struggles in my past,

I should be damning the world,

but your words make nights bearable to last


I could have been insane for acid,

hallucinating all the time,

I could have been pill popping,

but just the thought of you and I lose my mind


I would be slicing my arms, complaining about the earth,

but the sound of your voice, and you remind me of all my worth

I would be tempted to go, to take the rough way out,

but the thought of you alone at night, I didn't know what I was thinking about


I could be hooked on drugs,

drinking and partying my days away

Maybe filling my veins will worthless chemicals,

and crying my eyes to my shame

But, the thought of you, the sound of your voice

The crave in my heart, has left me with no choice

I would be, could be, addicted to pain, craving sadness, yearning for blame,

but all of this goes away, when the sound of your voice sings my name


-Chloe Aldecoa


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