I cant...my rants

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 22:21 -- Jsummer

Where can i start? How about when teen preganacy was uprising. Yes, she is 15 and yes she got pregnant, so what? Just because she is having a baby does not you give the right to call her a slut or a whore. Do you know her? no. you dont know her story. She probably was a virgin when she first did it and she just so happens to get pregnant. Young girls becoming Baby Mother's before they want to be doctors. She couldve been raped against her will. You dont know that. It's okay for a 18 or even a 23 year old to get pregnant out of wedlock but when a young girl gets pregnant she becomes a statistic. Are you kidding me? If you go judge that 15 year old why you cant judge the 23 year old,huh?.....Oh, you dont got no come back, huh? Instead of looking down at her, how about you bring her up and help her. Instead of judging her. Raised in the church. I love the lord and i know he loves me no matter what i do in life or how my life is, but the church dont raise your child you do. Sure, its god to have god in your life and have good morals, but your child deserves to have fun, not go to church everyday and hang out with the people you work with. What you mean she can only talk to friends unless hey in church? Okay, she goes to public she going to make friend out of church if she wants to. She gotta have a image of the preacher's daughter? she Basically she gotta stop her happiness to make everybody around her happy and if she dont she going to hell. Wow, so in the bible it says thou shalt not judge, but yet again you and your "fellow members" are doing that.  You got people watching her? Why, so they can be all up in her personal space judging while she living her life. She cant do that she is the pastor's daughter. Oh really, so you think just because her family works for the church, you think she have to be little miss perfect for people that dont about her. Im her father i can choose her decisions. UM, NO you cant sir. Your child old enough to make her own choices in her life good or bad.If you cant behind her like claim you to do in church, she dont have to tell you again.. Okay so she wanna wait for marriage to have sex. Cool, aint nothing wrong with that but what makes you think just because she wanted for marriage she not gonna catch a diease or better yet what makes you think she even gonna wait.. 75% to 80% of teenagers have sex before marriage. Mostly all teenagers have sex before marriage. What makes your daughter so perfect? Stop living up to this perfect lifestyle t make others happy. Stop discouraging your child from having fun in her life. If you keep this up, once she leave out on her own she gonna be comfused and easy influeneced all because you wouldnt let her learn how life is for herself...

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