I Can't Tell You


Sh*t I can't say to my teachers?
I can't say that you're only here cause your tenured in
I can't say I can't stand you
I can't say you can't teach, but you say I can't learn 
I can't speak the truth, but hey, what else is new?

I can't tell you I'm hurting, I can't tell you she's cutting
I can't tell you Jamie's pregnant, she can't tell you who's the father

I can't say I'm gonna pass, because I can't tell you I've learned
I can't tell you that I'm not sick, my eyes don't decieve me
I can't tell you I'm not blind or hard of hearing
I can't tell you it's YOU, not my dyslexia, I'm fearing

I can't tell you you suck, you never hear
You never hear the laughter, the snears
I can't tell you I hate you, but I hate what you do
I can't tell you how many fights I've fought because of you
You hear what they say, the pain they cause
But you turn away, let em' say whatever they wanna say

I can't tell you your a teacher, because you ain't teach me none


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