I can be the "leaver" too.

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 02:47 -- Lachata

Literally never wants to.

Tired of chasing.

Wish I could be chased for once

Wish I could feel wanted.

Tired of being two people under one roof.

Two independent people

With the only common ground being the once a week fucking and a kid.


Not even sex.

Sex requires love, sex requires passion, sex required reciprocation. When I’m the only one that gives but never receives,

It’s just fucking.


Fuck a fancy dinner

Fuck a fancy car

Fuck a fancy watch

Fuck a pair of shoes

Fuck all the materialistic shit.

Give me love!

Show me love!

Make love to me!

Take out the trash and shut the fuck up about having to do it

Understand that I get tired too

Do the damn dishes too

Make more fucken lemonade

Take care of me

Make me feel wanted!


Work to keep me.

Work to keep me.

Be scared to loose me.

I can be the “leaver” too.

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