i can

I can’t go on living this way,
And I am waiting for the day,
When I can finally say,
That words that get carried away.

I don’t want this life anymore,
I’m tired of my family calling me a whore,
I’d rather stand by the shore,
And tell them I’m not gonna pretend anymore.

I’d rather be six feet in the ground,
Than see my life come crumbling down
I don’t want to have people around,
Because I feel like a clown.

I feel as if all hope is gone,
And I can’t stay strong,
I feel like I just don’t belong,
And everything I do is somehow wrong.

It’s a long road of the unknown,
When you face the world alone,
And since I’ve been grown,
The world has brought me to cry over the phone.

This isn’t me, not even close,
I hide because nobody knows,
And that’s the way it goes,
I just have to deal with it I suppose.

Why do you see it as such a big deal,
This is how I really feel,
My comfort is cold steal,
And death is my way to completely heal.

It’s not right,
The way that I have to fight,
Just so I can look up at the light,
When it’s my time to take flight.

I wish I could say it in a way,
That maybe you wouldn’t judge, but pray,
Pray for me when I leave the road of life and stray,
Stray to the road of death but I’ll see you again one day.

I’ve already chosen my destiny,
And its up to you to fulfill the legacy,
That is our family,
Even if you don’t agree.



Even though it's a simple sentence, the line "This is how I really feel" is my favorite, because it represents why we write poetry- to make our voices heard and tell people how we really feel!

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