I came, I saw, you conquered


United States
32° 35' 30.2028" N, 93° 50' 42.6228" W

You linger in the form of bruises..Marking a roadmap on my body of all your favorite places. A constant reminder of the fire I wish I could deny but always give into. Sentencing me to a death made for insects: as I become the moth drawn to your flame. Your heat is like the sun as it warms me slowly scorching my fair skin, and just like summer, I can not stay out your rays. So I'm then left with what I think is a warm heated glow that we both know is your brilliant burn.  Making all movements a reminder of you. But each reminder builds to my twisted hunger and slowly turns into cravings, cravings then become consuming and insatiable. How did I suddenly become yours? And when did I stop being my own? I'm usually not one who give into pleasures of the flesh.. Or punishments for that matter. Even when you hurt me I dont want it to stop, I want more. Whats worse is you know this but that is never enough for you. You, the almighty mind reader,  already know I want more-but no you have to hear me actually say it. Resistance is futile as we both know you will torture it out of me.  Its one of the most crippling things you could ever make me do: beg you for more. which of course I always comply. . I can no longer recognize myself, instead I recognize your fingerprints. Imprinted on me for all to see, claiming me. A constant mark announcing me as yours. Making claimed territory in this brave new world, commindeering my voice and muting me.. You are a creature I have never seen before, showing me what it means to be conquered.


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